The following Kansas Capital Quilters Guild Newsletters are available on-line:

January   KCQG January 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

The following Silver Needles Newsletters are available on-line:

November   SNQG November 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

May   SNQG May 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG April 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

March   SNQG March 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2019 Newsletter. (PDF)

November   SNQG November 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

May   SNQG May 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG April 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

March   SNQG March 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2018 Newsletter. (PDF)

December   SNQG December 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

November   SNQG November 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

May   SNQG May 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG April 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

March   SNQG March 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2017 Newsletter. (PDF)

November   SNQG November 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

May   SNQG May 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG AprilFebruary 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

March   SNQG February 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2016 Newsletter. (PDF)

December   SNQG December 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG April 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2015 Newsletter. (PDF)

November   SNQG November 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG April 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

March   SNQG March 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2014 Newsletter. (PDF)

November   SNQG November 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

June   SNQG June 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

May   SNQG May 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

April   SNQG April 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

March   SNQG March 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

February   SNQG February 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

January   SNQG January 2013 Newsletter. (PDF)

Nov-Dec   SNQG November-December 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

October   SNQG October 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

September   SNQG September 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

August   SNQG August 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

July   SNQG July 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

June    SNQG June 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

May    SNQG May 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

April    SNQG April 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

March    SNQG March 2012 Newsletter. (PDF)

February    SNQG February 2012 Newsletter.

January    SNQG January 2012 Newsletter.

December    SNQG December 2011 Newsletter.

November    SNQG November 2011 Newsletter.

October    SNQG October 2011 Newsletter.

September    SNQG September 2011 Newsletter.

August    SNQG August 2011 Newsletter.

July    SNQG July 2011 Newsletter.

June    SNQG June 2011 Newsletter.

May    SNQG May 2011 Newsletter.

April    SNQG April 2011 Newsletter.

March    SNQG March 2011 Newsletter.

February    SNQG February 2011 Newsletter.

January    SNQG January 2011 Newsletter.

December    SNQG December 2010 Newsletter.

November    SNQG November 2010 Newsletter.

October    SNQG October 2010 Newsletter.

Bylaws    SNQG Bylaws. Revised April 21, 2008. (PDF File)

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